10 Ways To Show You Care

What is Care? According to the Dictionary, Care is the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance and protection for someone or something. Or serious attention applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.

We can simply define Care as looking after and providing the needs for someone or something.

Often when someone is caring for you, they make sure you are being treated right and vice versa. The problem with that is, we tend to care for others, in a way that we think is right, because that is how we want others to care for us.

This leads to ignoring or not paying attention to anything that can actually provide the right and genuine care for others. With the mentality of, if it works for me it will work for you, or this is how I would like to be cared for so I’m going to care for you this same way.

More harm than good is caused this way and since we might be the only person who actually tries to care for an individual, they either stick with it or break and shut us out completely from their lives.

This post is written to provide a few ways we can apply when we are caring or wants to show our genuine care for someone. I hope by the end of this, you will have a few tips to apply in showing your care to someone if you are not already doing so. Also, let me know what you think can be done to show our care for someone down in the comments below and I will respond to you as soon as I receive it.

Before I bore you, here are Ten (10) ways we can show someone we care for them…

I. Say It, Mean It

Say It, Mean ItUndoubtedly, the first thing we do when showing someone we care is to actually say it to them…”You know I care for you right?!”. Although they hear the words, they may not be seeing the action of caring and that is why you had to say it to them that you care in the first place.

Action; as we have all come to know, speak louder than words. Let your actions do the talking and they will immediately begin to know you care for them.



II. Be There For Them

Be there For ThemIf you have taken up the responsibility of caring for someone, either biologically or love, or through a relationship be it formal or casual, you have to make some sacrifices for the person.

Maybe they had a recital, a dance, a show, or an activity or an unfortunate event caused by nature and they needed a shoulder to lean on, make it a point to be there. Be their sunshine in the storm and comfort them.

Let them know that even though you are busy, you still and always have time for them. It does not matter how small their situation may seem to you, to them that is a big deal and they will need you.


III.Support Them

Support ThemSupporting someone does not have to be financially all the time. Supporting can go as little is telling someone, “I believe in you”, “you can do it”, ‘i got your six” and so on. Words of encouragement are all forms of support we can give the person we care about.

When we support them in things they do and believe in, it does not necessarily mean we agree with what they want to do. Supporting their decision does not mean joining their movement but rather we are able to entertain what they love that makes them happy without us converting to it because we do not like it.

For example, not everyone likes the genre “drama” but if the person you find yourself caring for is all for drama, watch a movie with them in that genre. They will be very grateful and excited you did.


IV. Be A Great Listener

Be a Good ListenerWe can all agree here that, being a great listener makes it comfortable for people to tell us almost everything they are holding in. You can in-turn figure out the right way to actually show them you care so much for them.

Showing signs of boredom and uninterest in what they have to say will lead them to not talking to you at all about anything.

Even when they want to talk about something completely out of context, pay close attention to whatever they say and repeat some of them or be enthusiastic in listening to it. It will show them, that you are capable of listening to them on any subject and they are more likely to fully open up to you on any subject matter.


V. Guide Them

Guide ThemBy guide them, I do not mean literally guiding them, no. That is absurd! Guide them as in, direct their path and choices. And doing it in a way that lets them make their own decisions.

It is a great practice to not telling them what they are planning to do is wrong, simply because you are not comfortable with it. Rather, talk to them and Listen to their plan, you will find ways of constructing your criticisms in a way that will prompt them to change something or even totally change what they want to do.

Also, let them go through with something they are adamant to do and when it does not go well, you can show them the right path and guide them to it. This will at the same time give them the experience required for making future decisions.


VI. Earn Their Trust

TrustOkay, now obviously we can all agree that it is imperative to earn the trust of someone you care about. Again when you say you will do something, always make sure you do so. In other words, keep your word.

Never make promises you can’t keep and do not take actions you do not mean. Never make decisions when you are excited. Chances are you will never be able to fulfill that decision or choice you made because when we are so emotional, we often say things we do not mean.

And if you ever give your word on something to them, please make sure you can keep that word and or make it up to them.


VII. Be Honest

Be HonestHonesty should have been the first one since you have to be true to yourself the people around you. I do not see why you will even consider not being honest to the person you want to show that you care for.

If you are unable to provide or do something for them, never lie to them. Although the truth hurts and breaks hearts, find a way to always make it up to them.

If they ask for your honest opinion on something, implement constructive criticism and let them know how they can improve on the subject they asked about. Do not divert or take that opportunity to talk about anything else other than what they asked you about.

Also if you have something negative to say about it, make sure yo have solutions to them as well as that will lead them to know that you have their best interest in mind.


VIII. Spend Time Together

Spend Time TogetherUnlike being there for them, here you have to make time to spend together just cause. You do not need to wait for something to happen before being there for them.

Pick a day and just either go to the park, the farm, the concert, screenplay, mall, stay home and just spend quality time together. You can decide on anything you both want to do and just have some fun together.

This will let them know you are always a part of their world and you bring them into yours as well. You can even discover some hidden talents in each other and then work on it together for more quality time spending.



IX. No Grudges

No GrudgeAgain, if you want to show someone you care, I do not see why you would want to hold a grudge against them. Yes, we all make mistakes and offend each other. It is a part of being human.

resolve your differences and clear the atmosphere that way you are able to bring positive vibrations and enthusiasm when you both are together.

If you are offended by someone, do well to let them know in a manner that causes no allegations. Bring to the table what ticks you in a controlled manner so you both can work something out. Maybe they are not aware that their behavior or some actions they did offends you, it is your duty to let them know, that way you are not bitter on the inside and can express your true emotions to both parties.


X. Mutual Respect

Just because you want to show you care for someone does not mean you should stoop so low for them to trump over you. Go above and beyond to care for someone but never disrespect yourself for them. When that happens, they see you as a sucker and will try to get away with everything.

Let your intentions be clear and also respect their decisions. If they decide not to do something with you, do not beg them to, they have clearly made their intentions known that they are not interested. Do not try to force them and just let them be.

Though you have the right intentions, when you force them to do something they don’t want to do, it becomes hard and it will look like you do not care about what they want to do either being alone at that moment or just being boring. Let them be, they will come around. 


We made it to the end and now we have Ten (10) ways we can go implement to show anyone that we care for them. Caring should not cost a fortune, it takes time and affection and with a true heart, we can show some care wherever we are. If you want to change the world, start with the person in the mirror and spread it to the ones near you.

With a little love and affection, we can brighten a person’s entire week with as little as just smiling with them.

I do hope the message was clear and simple to follow through. If at any point you think I missed something or hit the bull’s eye, I would love to know all about it, either in the comments below or through my email and let us connect.

Together we can make something great for the generation to come and make the world a better place. Thank you for your time and glad to have you here at Simple Living

Thank you,
– Sir Dantes







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14 thoughts on “10 Ways To Show You Care

  1. Ella Reply

    I will call it 10 Nuggets of Care. so awesome and speaks volumes to me .love it.

  2. Sabrina Reply

    Wow, what a wonderful post. I almost passed this one up but I’m so glad I didn’t! The information was well written and made clear to understand. I find myself in situations that seem difficult to get out of due to my lack in communication skills. Whether it’s with a family member or a loved one. I grew up in a family where speaking your mind wasn’t permitted. So now that I’m older I find myself being passive aggressive. Something I’m aware of now and trying to change.

    Thank you for bringing to light that it’s not about you… But the other person, as well as you.

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      Thank you so much, Sabrina for sharing your past experience. I do believe everyone has a say in decision making no matter their age or role.
      I’m glad you found this helpful and working on yourself. I’m excited to hear that. I’m here if you need to connect for anything. Feel free to reach out and I wish Success in all you do. 🙂
      Sir Dantes.

  3. Andrew Reply

    There are a lot of ways to show you care for someone, like just being there for them when they really need a shoulder to lean on or a good hear for listening to their troubles. That is the the way to show you really care for someone.

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      Thank you, Andrew. Those 2 seems to be great tips in caring for another. Caring is not difficult and it just takes time, compassion and love to be there for someone when they need a shoulder.
      Thank you 🙂

  4. Fred Reply

    Amazing post SirDantes, I really like the way you spoke the truth on the way we should care for one another especially the ones in need. I feel that all of these tips should be used always. Because that is the way we should be. Good job

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      Thak you, Fred. I’m glad you the truth in this post. Caring should not be expensive, it is compassion as Dwyan said. We all need compassion to care for one another and live in harmony.
      Thank Fred
      Success Always!

  5. Dwyan Anthony Alford Reply

    Caring is such a wonderful thing to do for someone or have someone do it for you. I think its such an important topic you write about and its good that someone took the time to articulate something we take for granted nowadays. I think to care is to be compassionate. We need compassion desperately in the world today! I dare say not only compassion for other human beings but also all life forms and the environment as a whole itself. I hear what you said about mutual respect and not allowing anyone to trump over you, but at the same time to care is to be concerned about others without demanding anything in return. You care not expecting anything in return. Out of your 10 ways to care I think being there for someone and supporting them as they go through their challenges are really the essence of what it means to care for someone.

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      Thank you so much for your in-depth thought. Compassion is indeed the greatest thing we can all have when it comes to caring for all living things. We care without expecting anything back and that is just lovely and compassionate.
      I’m glad you found some essence out of this topic and I really appreciate you connecting.
      Thank you.

  6. Patty Reply

    Absolutely amazing article. It really is. Too many people don’t take things like this into consideration. It’s the little things in life that matter the most.
    I know I struggled with a few of these things, especially holding a grudge. It would make me so bitter and I struggled to just forgive and let it go.
    Thank you for this beautiful post.

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      Thank you so much, Patty. We are guilty when it comes to holding a grudge and we need simply just need a reminder to let go and forgive.

      I’m glad you found this amazing. I wish you Success in all you do.
      Sir Dantes.

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