Edmond Dantes Boateng


Hello everyone, Thank you and Welcome to Simple Living (mysimplelivn.com). Wouldn’t it be easier if someone could break down some of the things we do in our daily lives that looks so simple when another person does it but becomes very difficult and frustrating when we try.

Here at Simple Living, we make it a must to bring to you the breakdown of most of the things we encounter. We look forward to making this page as wonderful as having a sidekick in the palm of your hand.

Stick around and let’s Simplify our days!

Why SIMPLIFY The Things We Do

Growing up, in Africa – Ghana, I always see the elders doing things and making it look so easy, which makes them automatically the “wise men” in our towns and homes. So if you need something done, and you have no idea how you would have to go and pay homage to these wise men. Which was not bad at all because it built respect and honor.

This made everyone look up to these “wise men” for any task that needed to be done which made us more dependable on their knowledge no matter how small or little that needs to go into the task.

In February 2011, I arrived in the USA which was the best day ever. As time went on, I realized that the way things are done here was very different. Unlike in Ghana where we rely on our elders to do tasks and show us what to do, we actually have to do things on our own. Things like getting a job…catching the bus…buying a car…finding a roommate…building credit…and so on, you name them. All that was very new and difficult to do at least for me.

Hence that’s why we are SIMPLIFYING things for our day to day needs.

Why We Care

I have been blessed with the will of learning to do things on my own with the help of great mentors in my life. They coached me where I lacked and pushed me to test my limits to be who I am today. With what they helped me with, I feel an obligation to do so for anyone I can reach. I believe just a little info you provide can make a big difference in someone’s life.

My life here in the USA has been much easier by knowing more of this little info from friends and acquaintances and It will be my pleasure to do same for anyone I can reach.

Our Goal

The purpose of mysimplelivn.com is to find and SIMPLIFY everything that we come across that seems difficult to do on the daily basis.

We want to help make getting the right information on most tasks and duties easier to come by and all in one SIMPLE website mysimplelivn.com

The page will be updated on the earliest note with most of these SIMPLE yet difficult tasks we come across as time goes on.

We want to reach as many people as we can from all walks of life and help SIMPLIFY their days’ work

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Edmond (SirDantes)