How to Build Your Credit Fast


In the year 2018 now and mostly all you can hear or come across is almost everyone talking about Credit Score. How good is your score…How do you build your score…How do you start…What is Credit used for…

How Good is you SCORE!!!

Here is a range of credit score from Bad to Excellent
Bad             = 550 & Below
Poor           = 550 – 649
Fair            = 650 – 699
Good          = 700 – 749
Excellent  = 750 & Above.

You can find out what your score is like for free on and you will have to create a free account with no hidden charges and you can be a member for life. Although the two firms above will give you your score however you can use this site to find out the reports on your score from all 3 major credit bureau ie. TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. You are entitled to a free report from all 3 bureaus in every 12-month span on also helps you dispute any error you think you may have on your report for FREE! Always check your report for any errors or issues, no matter how small because, these small errors can hurt your score.


How Do You Build Your Score

Building credit score should be a habit. It should be something you wake up every day and make plans to do.  After checking your free report from  do well to take care of any overdue bills, late payments, and debt. Any payment towards your debt, no matter how small or big the payment you make will be an improvement towards building your score. Anything from late phone bills to late utilities can hurt your score badly. Do well to pay towards the littlest bills that show up.

Also, do not forget to dispute anything you find an error on your free report from the 3 bureaus on

You can file as many disputes as you want and they are FREE to file.

How Do You Start

Starting to build credit if you are new to the credit card system has never been so easy. If you have a bank account either Checking or Savings account, you are eligible to start building credit with a secured card from your bank. However, you can also apply for a credit card form all these credit card companies out there.

Most of them offer great sign on benefits and points for rewards. This site has taken their time to draft out all the pros and cons that you need to know to make the best choice in shopping for credit cards.

Always read the fine print and consider your financial status before shopping for credit cards and pay off what you use before the statement due date to avoid interests on what you owe.

What Is Credit Used For

Credit can be used for so many things in this economy. From buying cars, homes, apartment renting, electrical appliances, personal loans, loans, traveling, vacation, and so on…

The higher your credit score, the better your chances of getting the above for a good price and at a lower interest rate.

Happy shopping and building and I hope you got what you were looking for or most of it here.

Thank you!

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