How To Achieve your goals easily – The right Mindset

Mindset, as defined by Dr. Alia Crum, is  “A lense or frame of mind which orients an individual to a particular set of associations and expectations at any given moment.

The dictionary also defines mindset as an attitude, disposition or mood of an individual at a given period of time.

In that sense, we can say mindset plays a major role in our health and well being. Therefore in order for you to achieve your goals easily, having the right mindset will take you the extra mile needed through the tough and hard times.

As human beings, we are often setting goals that we want to achieve, but we come across some factors be it physical or mental that inhibits us from accomplishing our goals. After this article, I hope you can take some two or three useful information away to enable you to overcome some of these factors.

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Before I bore you with the ever growing Social Media apparatus, let us dive into what I have for you.

Focus and Attention = Creation

You may be wondering, is Focus and Attention not the same thing? Well, first of all, they are not spelled the same…Bad Joke, sorry!

Focus and Attention = CreationFocus is the ability to saying yes to one thing and one thing only, and continuously saying no to all other things until the one thing is done completely. You are allowed to say “Yes”, however that will only be diverting your Focus towards another thing. i. e. Multitasking.

Whenever multitasking is practiced, the focus of an individual is divided into the number of tasks being carried. Doing so prevents you from knowing all that there is to know about a specific thing. However if you have been multitasking and are able to do all your tasks into details, then more grace to you.

If you are a PRO at Multitasking then please, by all means, get it done. Just do not get overwhelmed when all your tasks/goals require your immediate attention at the same time.

Prevent being distracted by Focusing on one task/goal at a time.

Attention, on the other hand, is the state of consciousness characterized by the concentration of the mind on a single object or thought, especially one preferentially selected from a complex, with a view to limiting or clarifying receptive by narrowing the range to stimuli…Whew! Mouthful huh!

Simply, as you are reading this post, there is a lot going on around and in you right now; the temperature in the room, the sound of the air condition or fan, the buzzing sound of your phone’s vibration, the warmth of your clothes around you, the pressure of your feet on the ground, the breath you takin and out…you name it…but your attention is on this post because of the urge that is driving you to know more. So your attention has been thereby directed towards this article.

When we direct our attention to something, it is because we either want to see it through, know the details, or find out exactly what is going on with that particular item of interest.

Putting the two together, pick one goal on your list, Focus on that goal for the time frame you have set for it and then direct all your attention to it and watch yourself create something out of that.

Start little and practice this each passing day and soon you know, you will be checking goals off your list and making it shorter which will create room for more goals.


Self Awareness

Self Awareness MindsetBeing aware of yourself is very crucial in all you do. Self Awareness is having a clear perception of who you are, your strength, weakness, motivation, emotions, reactions, and responses. You get to know the real you when you become aware. How you answer certain questions in surveys and behavior towards pictures and videos are all things that say a lot about who you really are.

In fact, it is based on these things that some ads and emails are geared towards us especially on social media.

Knowing your strengths and weakness helps a lot. If you know what your strengths are, you are more likely to do it more often and same way if you know what your weaknesses are, you are probably not gonna stray on that path. 

When it comes to setting goals to be achieved, consider both of these traits more. Lean more on what works best for you. Never base your goals on what someone else accomplished due to the fact that, what worked for that individual, will probably never work for you.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”

Consider both sides of the coin here and draw a cumulative plan that takes into perspective all that amounts to you as an individual. 

Know what makes you tick, what drives you and what stalls you. Set small and short reasonable goals on that as an exercise to see how you gear towards accomplishing them.


Mindfulness mindsetA technique in which one focuses one’s full attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensation but not judging them. The practice of mindfulness can reduce stress and physical pain.

In fact, there have been over 4,000 researches and over 30 plus books written to help people practice mindfulness and relieve stress. Not getting into that details here since that itself is a whole article.

Being mindful of your present environment, behavior and feelings serve as trigger points for you to take certain actions to ease you in any situation you find yourself.

If you are feeling overwhelmed while in the process of an activity, it is in your own interest to be mindful of that and take appropriate action towards it. Be mindful when you are tired and stressing about something, be mindful of when it is time to take a break and be mindful when you have to let something go.

Once you are mindful of how you are in your current situation, your attention is driven towards it and you allow yourself to release the tension and catch your breath.

In other words, when you are on to achieving a goal, know when to take a break to gather yourself. Remember that tomorrow is another day and it is okay to walk away to relieve yourself from stress. When we stress in the process of doing anything at all, we either rush into messing it up completely or losing interest in carrying it out ever again because we are reminded of the stress.

A great way of being mindful is practicing meditation. You can start with 3 to 5 minutes of meditation a day and increase the time to your desired length.

Give it a try and let me know all the hidden features you unlock about yourself. 

Desire to Win/Loose

Ask anyone what is their desire, win or lose? I’m sure 99.9% will say win! It is in our nature to desire a win in anything we do but do you really desire to win? Yes! Are you ready to do what it takes? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Desire to win MindsetI’m sure you have heard this saying “It is easier said than done” more than you can imagine. For bragging sake, we say all things to make us look and feel good but when it comes to actually doing it, the majority of us will just let it slide.

Sometimes the things we see as so easy to do gets tough when we try to execute them and the same way the things we find so tough to do, are actually easier to get done when we begin doing them. It is all in our mind. Our mind shapes our life, what we think is what we do.

If you accommodate thoughts of negativity like it is too hard, I can not do it, this is not what I expected and the likes, you begin to let that control your actions towards your activities. You have the desire but your mind is digressing your thoughts away from getting things done.

Instead of thinking like that, try these, “this will require ample time and effort, I will make mistakes but I will learn, not what I expected but ready to put on the big boy pants, I’m on the right track and positivity”.

Begin working little by little towards your desires and watch yourself acquiring them one after the other. Have the urge and guts to go for it, if it does not work for the first time, you will be experienced for the next time you try again.

Take Action

Take Action MindsetImagine 5 years from now, you have achieved all the life and goals you set. You now can take that luxury vacation of your dreams to that romantic sunset with the cool breeze touching your skin.

You now live in your own comfort home with your beautiful family enjoying that backyard pool. Imagine waking up at any time you want because you are now your own boss with your business on autopilot.

That is a great feeling right?! 5 years from now when all is bliss, your health, relationship, wealth, job and family all on the upside, would you feel and think the same way you are today? No…for obvious reasons.

Take action today, it is that simple. See how I did not say easy. You can do anything and anything you want just by simply taking action. Just one simple action you take towards a goal in a day makes you one step closer to achieving it.

Lecturer Stephen Duneier who never knew anything about knitting and crocheting took 85 days to knit a nice cover for a tree he thought will look good with some knit covers and then took 2 years 7 months and 17 days to set a record of crocheting the biggest granny yarn bomb of 10×10 meters. 

Taking action towards what you desire and aim to achieve by one step every day will accelerate your process of achieving your goals.

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So now that you have all this info in your armory, next?

Do It MindsetWe talked about what a mindset is and how it can steer you towards achieving your goals easily. We went on, to begin with, Focus and Attention = creation and how we need to focus on one thing at a time and directing our attention to that task. And only multitask if you can handle it.

You now also know that being Self Aware and Mindful not only relieve some stress but can actually reduce physical pain and that we need to take a break when hit a certain point. Continuing while stressed is not encouraged and we can leave it for the day and come back to conquer it the next day.

Lastly, we also talked about having the Desire To Win/Lose and Taking Action towards what we want can make all our dreams and goals come true.

You can do it! Yes, you can!

Thank you for your time and I hope as I promised you have acquired 2 or 3 tips to help you achieve your goals easily. If I did, then please feel free to leave a  comment and I will respond to you as soon as I receive them and connect with you for more insider information. 

Thank you
-Sir Dantes.





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12 thoughts on “How To Achieve your goals easily – The right Mindset

  1. Andrew Reply

    Having the right mindset first, before attempting to do something, is key. I agree with your article, and I’ve learned very useful information thanks to you!

    Very often, people fail to take action due to many factors, including the fear of failure, or maybe because they don’t want to step out of their comfort zones. So, I like that you’ve touched on this topic as well. I , too, am a firm believer that we should take action now.

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      Andrew, thank you. It is great to have mindset first on anything you do and I like how you agree with these articles. Yes, people often give up even before they start and it is all because of the mindset or what others told them about it.
      I always say we should all try something for ourselves first before forming an opinion about it. Thank you so much, Andrew and I wish you Success in all you do.
      Sir Dantes

  2. Alison Reply

    Great article. Mindset is key to your success in life or certainly one of the things that we CAN control.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Thabo Reply

    This is such a great and informative post. This is what I always teach my dance students . I focus more on their mindset more than anything else because success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.
    I love how you explained the difference between focus and attention. I think I will teach this to my dance students too as it will add a lot of value. Thanx

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      Thank you so much, Thabo, for finding this very informative and implementing this in your lessons. I’m pleased to know that my work is being put to use, thank you.
      Please feel free to share the post with your students as well and welcome them to the family.
      I wish you success in all you do.
      Sir Dantes

  4. Jenny Reply

    You’re so right about this. I came to believe that the mindset is about 70% of the work!
    I’ve come so many times close to abandoning my goals… and sometimes I actually did it. All because I was stressing about things that happened or may happen! SO frustrating now that I’ll think about it!!!
    Thanks a lot! Great article!

  5. Mick Reply

    I think we all would be lying if we said that we didn’t struggle with the mindset. Organisation and having a plan are key amongst others. I remember a number of years back my boss at the time asked me where I would be in 5 years time? I told him I hadn’t a clue and maybe this was down to my age at the time because I think a lot differently nowadays. Some good information there and thanks for sharing.

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      Thank you, Mick. Yes, mindset is really a struggle. We just need a reminder of what we are doing at a period of time and given the countless number of distractions in our environment does not really help.
      Having a Plan and Organisation is also a great way to be aware and focus your attention.
      Thank you for your contribution, Mick.
      Sir Dantes

  6. Malika R. Reply

    I love the way mindset is defined here. Thinking of it as the particular lens that I’m viewing my situation and life through at any given moment is powerful because if the view is crappy, I can simply change the lens. I’m going to get in the habit of asking myself: “What lens am I viewing this situation through?” I guess that’s also where self awareness comes in.

    Thanks for this information 🙂

    • Sir Dantes Post authorReply

      You’re welcome Malika. We can always change that lens when the view is not clear enough or blurry. It is all in our minds and it takes being self-aware to realize the quality of the view.
      Knowing yourself is always better, you get to control your immediate situation.
      I wish you Success in all you do.

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