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We have come to the point in time where everyone is looking for the right set of workouts for men. In fact, when you go to the gym, you see lots of young men and women doing a whole lot of shenanigans. Workouts for men come in a variety since some prefer just targeting one part of the body, some just cardio and others powerlifting. Workouts for men should not be like a routine in my opinion as that will only lead to boredom.  In my recent post Men’s Health & Wellness I talked about finding an activity to keep you active and on the move, check it out. Finding the right workout could be a challenge, here I bring to you what I have found that works for me.

Some of these people at the gym will make you question reality and your own existence. The hardcore-meat-heads that go all crazy like they are preparing for the next Sparta 300 movie.

The gentle giants that are laid back and all smiles like they are in a celebrity meet photo shootout. The everyday-is-chest or arms day guys that pay no respect to their legs, leaving them looking like Johnny Bravo in real life. Oh, mama! You get the picture.

And then there are the guys who have no clue how to even operate the treadmill, or set up the bench press. Even for a simple dumbbell curl, they will make it look like rocket science. These guys will give you a brain freeze and you will wish you had not gone to the gym that day. Don’t look at them.

My favorite is the ones that do a combination of only God-knows-what. These people are hard to miss as the catch the eye of everyone in the gym with their sacred acts of ritualistic exercises. You know who they are and chances you are likely to see one, every other day at the gym.

Then there are the ones that go there without a plan and will try every single machine or equipment to see if they like it. If they do, they will do that one exercise most likely the whole day or till they get bored with it and then move on to their next favorite equipment they find.
We have all come across one of these people or have fallen into one of these breeds of gym goers.

Chances are you are here because you either find yourself amongst the above groups or you are looking for an alternative workout plan. There are so many workout plans out there, some that require memberships or sign-ups and some that promise different activities but gives you the same thing you have been doing for some time.

If you are still looking, then look no further, I believe I have found the right workout plan that will show results in as little as a few weeks. This Workout plan combines Crossfit and Weight Lifting to give you the benefits of both worlds. Although this post is about Workouts for men, this program can be done by women as well.

In fact, I have actually gone through this workout program and in as little as 3 weeks, I started seeing impressive results. I followed it just like it was laid out and with the help of the creator of this workout. He explained everything I needed to know about the program, the exercises involved and the rest periods which is very important depending on what you want to achieve at the end of the program.

The program that makes you a champ in the gym; I had several people tell me I go hard on my workout in the gym, and that is because of how the program is created. Supersets.

Keeping you on the move and active throughout the workouts is the added Supersets that you do after each set of reps. In order to not get bored just doing one type of exercise and taking longer rest periods, you do a superset.

This program is structured in a way that targets different muscles and body parts in one set.

Before I bore you, the workout program is what the creators call “ The Warrior Project “. You may have heard of this project somewhere on Instagram by the ” Gold Coast Warriors ” 


 This page was founded by three friends who have the passion for fitness and fashion.


The Warrior Project as explained by the creators is an advanced workout program, however, you can modify the amounts of weight and reps you do to fit your current strength level. It is also spread out through the week that allows you ample rest days.

I was working my legs on Monday and doing Upper body on Tuesday. Complete rest on Wednesday. Full Body workout on Thursday and then Upper Body on Friday. Active Rest on Saturday and cardio on Sunday.

Honestly, I struggled a bit with the program as most of the exercises were new to me because I was a huge cardio enthusiast. I did the Insanity program for almost a year expecting to bulk up but I was growing lean instead. Arguably, dieting and rest days played a major impact on the results I got from the insanity program.

The beginning was the toughest part of the program. Since I was so used to cardio and full body workouts without weights or any equipment, I struggled. I felt defeated at first but then as the saying goes, ” if you feel like quitting, remember why you started in the first place” I kept going.

Friends were shocked by the changes they saw in my form and some even thought I was doing something illegal like steroids. Oh Oh! Steroids…Oh no, sir! This is all natural. I explained my workout activities and eating habits and showed them how the program is designed. They thought I was insane!

Looking at the design of the program at a glance, you are allowed to think it is unholy to go through. But then you start doing the workouts and you will realize it is not so bad. I was almost spending about one hour and thirty minutes for a days workout in the early stages, but after week 2 I only needed an hour.

The results I have seen in myself makes this program absolutely worth it. Prior to beginning the program, I discussed dieting with the creators and they made it very clear that, although the program is designed to give you results. You must also cut out some items and behaviors from your diet. Dieting goes as long as 70% of seeing great results. Prepare to let go of harmful or foods that inhibits muscle growth and fat loss.

I’m not saying go on a diet, but cut down on some of the fatty foods you consume and add some other great beneficial foods that will kick-start your metabolism and boost your immune system. We all hate boring diets and some of them even do us more harm than good. This program does not put you on a diet! You can eat what you want in the right amounts that go towards what you want to achieve.

Gold Coast Warriors. Antwan Pixley Interview



In an Interview with Antwan Pixley of @HeroicMag, when the Gold Coats Warriors were asked how they stay in shape and ripped, they replied ” We always make sure to keep each other in good spirits with words of encouragement and positivity. When it comes to working out, we stick with the 8-week shred program, The Warrior Project. In order to acquire the beach bod we need for the upcoming summer”

The warrior project is a great program designed to give you results in as little as 3 weeks, thus if you stick with it. It is explosive and will leave you wanting to go to the gym the next day, and the next, and the next.





Thes guys are really doing an amazing job putting in the work to get you up on your feet and leaving you looking like the ripped personality you have in mind. In my opinion, everyone looking for a thrill in a workout should definitely get their hands on THE WARRIOR PROJECT. 

If you are not already following them on Instagram, feel free to do so. They are in motion of publishing their own website and brand of apparel. The apparel will be incorporated with the rich and royal fabric of the Ghanaian Tradition and spandex to give you the clean fit.

I hope you found this appealing and interesting, please feel free and leave a comment. All opinions are welcomed as this is mine, I would be thrilled to know yours.

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  1. ella Reply

    Ok Sir Dantes . When are we getting “work out for women” ? pls make it “in months” cos we can’t do weeks . lol thanks

    • SirDantes Reply

      Hahahaha Ella, you are funny. I will make it a point to add one for the ladies. Thank you 🙂

  2. ella Reply

    Ok Sir Dantes . When are we getting “work out for women” ? pls make it “in months” cos we can’t do weeks . lol thanks

    • SirDantes Post authorReply

      Hahahaha Ella, you are funny. I will make it a point to add one for the ladies. Thank you 🙂

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